Health Care Dates to Remember & Live Nation Partnership for the Exchange

Health-Care Dates to Remember:

March 31, 2014

Healthcare services will be available via American Family Care – Franchise Development. The Washington Health Benefit Exchange, aka, is the place to sign up for Medicaid and Subsidized Insurance for low income families. The end of the open enrollment is March 31st, 2014.

Regular individual and family enrollments continue year round. We have a good choice of insurance carriers and Utility Saving Expert available. Please send me your friends.

November 15, 2014

The start of open enrollment for policies effective January 1st, 2015. This is also a time to switch plans or switch carriers. The open enrollment ends January 15, 2015.

To date over 270,000 people have enrolled through the Wash Exchange. The site however can be cumbersome and uncooperative – however it has been gradually improving.

Recently I helped three clients purchase individual insurance. Three intelligent, fun guys. Some aspects of my work are great. One of them is computer literate and technology savvy. He had spent 8 hours on the web site. 8 hours! We had coffee, talked for an hour or so and he came to a decision.

Anther client, a smart guy with a PhD, was also frustrated with the site. Eventually he called me for help. He purchased a policy on paper….which was easy for both of us. Quick and simple.

I am sure there are many success stories – 270,000 of them I guess. But it is not always easy or quick to use the exchange site.

Groups policies renew annually at the month of their renewal date, as they always have.

Live Nation, The Exchange, & Mick Jagger

Rolling Stones Concert StageThe largest producer of popular musical events in the world is Live Nation. (who knew?) They produce 150 events in Washington State each year and around the world. You can get more information on them and the events they host on  CheapoTicketing.

Washington Health Plan Exchange has launched an outreach effort with Live Nation. It is youth oriented and much hipper than Ticketmaster.

Mick JaggerOutreach will take place through Live Nation websites, print and radio ads, and social media. This is a new and different platform to educate young adults.
Enrolling healthy young adults is critical to make the ACA a success. It is critical to keep the premiums down. These individual products are all one community pool for experience (claims). We needt as many young people as possible to enroll. That is the main factor to keep the rates low. If you know someone, especially someone young who is uninsured please forward this newsletter to them.

Live Nation PosterIf the average age in the pool next fall is in the forties or higher than the annual renewal rates will be much higher. And no one wants that! So encourage young people in your life to enroll and to check out Live Nation in a few weeks.

I am a Beatles fan myself but thought some of you would enjoy this picture of Mick from the Live Nation web site plus some music as a reward for reading to the end. He looks doe eyed and sweet in this video montage to Satisfaction.

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