Long Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance is a smart solution.

Long-term care is the type of care people need when they can no longer manage basic daily activities on their own such as eating, dressing or bathing. A long-term care insurance policy can help ensure that a long-term care event doesn’t become a family burden or a financial misfortune. When you incorporate long-term care insurance into your overall financial plan you and your family will be able to help:

  • Protect your retirement assets for their intended purpose
  • Preserve your independence and ability to choose where you’d like to receive care
  • Cover the cost of long-term care expenses if they arise
  • Reduce the physical and emotional burden that caregiving can have on family members
  • Remain in your home with caregivers whom you select.

Now is the time to learn more about long-term care insurance and how long-term care insurance, can help protect you today and in the future.

Nursing Home Costs

Types and Levels of Care

Long-term care comprises many different services aimed at helping people with chronic conditions compensate for restrictions they have in their ability to function independently. Those who need long-term care have diverse physical and mental impairments that require different types and levels of care. As such, the long-term care industry has introduced us to new terminology to describe the places and the ways in which care occurs.

First, long-term care can take place in a variety of settings. These include

  • in an individual’s home;
  • at sites in the community;
  • in an assisted living facility (ALF); and
  • in a skilled nursing facility (SNF).

Receiving care and services at home or in a community setting allows an individual to continue to live at home rather than be placed in a nursing facility or other type of full-time residence. Central to managing long-term care is enabling those who prefer to remain in their homes to be able to do so and to maintain their independence as long as possible.


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