Ann Paris has been an excellent insurance broker for this agency.  She has assisted us over the past 15 years.  As a small to medium non-profit organization we need someone who cares about our employees as well as our bottom line.  Ann delivers on both counts.  She is dedicated to her customers and works hard to ensure that our insurance coverage needs are met.

Ann McGettigan, Executive Director
Seattle Counseling Service


Ann Paris is a compassionate human being, and is extremely knowledgeable about the products and services she recommends.  She goes way above and beyond the call of duty to help others in need, both in her practice and in her personal life supporting the community she loves.

John Wong
Lake Forest Park Animal Hospital


Ann did a wonderful job for us helping us secure our first healthcare program for our new company.  She was also great at keeping us informed of market and legislative changes through her newsletters and outreach communications.

Dan Taylor, Director, Business Strategy and Operations Excellence


I do enjoy your newsletters!  And especially loved your poodle pics.  I do have to express my deep appreciation for your skills.  As I review our financial status and especially my status after Brad is gone, I am eternally grateful for the life insurance policies you sold us so long ago.  We just put them on autopay and forgot about them.  The life insurance is really a comfort to me now that Brad is sick as we talk in terms of “months of survival” now rather than years.  The mortgage on the house will be paid for with that insurance.  His disease is very aggressive.

Connie Fletcher-Powell, RN, MN
Retired Legal Nurse Consultant


We’re a small, boutique law firm and we’ve worked with Ann Paris for nearly 20 years.  She has exceptional knowledge and expertise, and we’ve relied on her to recommend plans that work well for our group and to provide information and guidance once the plans are in place. She’s been an excellent and practical resource and we enjoy working with her.

Ann Speckman,  Attorney – Speckman Law Group PLLC


After an injury prevented me from returning to work, my disability insurance policy provided me with financial security during my recovery.  The policy’s rehabilitation feature combined with state vocational rehabilitation, allowed me to pursue a graduate education.  Ann proved to be an invaluable advocate during the process of obtaining these benefits.  I now enjoy independence and a rewarding career as a counselor.

Stephanie Watson, Counselor


Ann, thank you for all the work you do on behalf of your clients.  The level of service you provide is truly remarkable, so remarkable in fact, that I have submitted your name to Pope Francis to be considered for fast track beatification.  I know  you would meet the qualification for performing miracles.  It would be great to see St. Ann on your business cards!

Wes Andersen, Pharmacist, B.S.,  M.A. – Seattle Meds

American Academy of HIV Medicine credentialed

Wes, you are too kind.  Thank you for making me laugh.  Sometimes it does feel like a miracle if I solve a gnarly problem with an insurance carrier for my clients.  I admire all the good work Seattle Meds does for their patients with serious health challenges.  Ann


We’ve been using Ann for our small business needs for years.  She’s always very well prepared, thorough, accessible and just fun to be around.  It’s comforting to have her out there navigating the confusing health insurance market for us.  We know we’re in good hands.”

Tony Nahra, President

Legacy Creations, Inc.


I was having serious issues with my insurance provider and was having a very hard time communicating the issue and finding a solution to my concerns.  I’m a diabetic and these concerns were very timely, involving my medications and coverage.  I just couldn’t seem to cut through the red tape to get to an answer.  Ann was able to resolve my issues with one phone call.  I really needed an advocate on my issue and Ann came through with shining colors.  I’m so very grateful for her help!

Michael Wells,  Community Activist


I am extremely happy with Ann Paris’s work on behalf of our firm.  Ann is very easy to work with, having gotten to know our small business from the get-go she now anticipates our needs before we voice them.  She provides valuable knowledge of both our medical insurance options and some good pragmatic insights into medical care in general.  I could not be happier.

Tarl R. Oliason, Attorney

McKisson, Sargent & Oliason, P.S.