Short Term Medical Insurance – inexpensive and easy

Get information about temporary health insurance from Paris Insurance Services – including a free, no obligation, quote!

Temporary insurance (Short Term Medical)
Temporary health insurance for 30-180 days
Coverage as early as the day after application
Freedom to choose any doctors or hospitals
Prescription drug coverage included in plan
Security of a $2 million lifetime limit
Peace of mind in times of transition
Temporary protection against the expense of unexpected illness and injuries
Insurance for temporary gaps in coverage (30 to 180 days)

Apply for supplemental coverage from Paris Insurance .

Affordable plans that help pay medical and dental expenses
Cash benefits help pay for dental checkups and treatments for you and your family
Term Life — Critical Illness coverage provides $5,000 to $100,000 in cash benefits for critical illnesses, to be used any way you choose
Prepare for the unexpected with Accident fixed-benefit coverage, which pays cash to replace lost income and pay medical or household bills
Easy and quick application
Prepare for the unexpected with Accident Medical Expense coverage, which helps cover your deductible and other out-of-pocket medical expenses after an accident
No network restrictions— use any dentist you choose
No network restrictions— use any doctors or hospitals you choose

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