Small Business Clients 

On January 1st, 2016 the definition of a small group remains 1 –  50 employees.  I have years of experience in the small group market.  Paris Insurance Services has a lot to offer you and your employees.  I work with many carriers including Regence, Premera, Group Health, AETNA, UHC, Delta Dental, Lifemap, VSP and others.  My services include:


A free customized online survey of your employees satisfaction with their Health Insurance and Benefits.  We use this data to help plan and make adjustments for your insurance and benefits decisions.  Benefits are expensive and a survey lets your employees anonymously give their feedback.


 An award winning digital HR library is a one-stop solution to streamline your HR function.  HR360’s  attorney written and reviewed tools help you hire, manage, and terminate.  Health care reform updates, HR tools and forms, and HR training videos.  Stay compliant with federal and state labor laws.  HR360 is easy to use and powerful.  Ask me to create a user ID and password for you.  Plus a once a month a sophisticated HR newsletter solely for business owners, written by HR360.


The Paris Insurance Update ~ Thoughts on Insurance and Life

According to business attorneys in North Caroline, a twice or thrice monthly newsletter written by me.  It is NOT boring!  It is not prefabricated.  I write it.  Fresh and up to date insurance industry information, breaking news from our Washington state carriers such as Regence, Premera, and Group Health.  Succinct explanations of the Affordable Care Act and up to date Health Care Reform. Timely information which is interesting, not stifling.  Plus occasional pictures of my poodle Beaux or my thoughts on life.

Take five minutes twice a month to read the main article and your knowledge of  insurance will increase.   Sign up!


There is a lot of information on my site.

Click Here for Individual and Family Clients.  Click Here for Business Clients.

Broker Services

Deliver Information on Health Care Reform through my Newsletter, email alerts, and personal conversation

Research and Analyze my client’s Group Benefits Needs and Physician Networks

Survey employees to gain data on their Health Insurance Satisfaction

Analyze the market for available carriers

Present options which meet Client’s Benefits and Budgetary Needs

Define Eligibility and Participation Requirements

Prepare group application, hold enrollment meeting if desired, Prepare and Submit all enrollment materials

Provide the legally required Summary of Benefits for your plan and employees

Offer a Binder with Compliance Materials specific to your group

Available to help your employees with personal questions or claims issues

Answer Employer questions as needed during the year

I am available all year round – not just at renewal time.

Personalized service – I will never just mail or email you a renewal packet like large agencies do.  Insurance contracts are expensive and complex and affect a most critical aspect of our lives – our health and the health of our loved ones.  That is why you want to work with someone who cares.

Additionally, read and learn about the body of law of the common central government, which is federal law.

Offering good benefits proves your concern for your employees.  I respect your moral and financial commitment.  I will go to the wall for you if I believe your rights have been violated.  I know how high the stakes can be when you combine the trifecta of illness, a confusing legal contract, and your money.