Life Insurance

Life insurance is the foundation of financial security. In the event of an unexpected death, life insurance can provide a beneficiary with necessary income replacement, provide money to cover final expenses, fund a child’s education, create liquidity for a business, provide funds to pay off debt, and much more. Life Insurance benefits are tax-free. Contact the estate planning attorney practicing Knoxville when you are facing any issues during the filing and documentation for this insurance. It is a well known fact that Ann Paris has assisted clients with over 1,000 life insurance policies in 25 years. If you need assistance in planning student holidays destinations, feel free to ask our experts. Additionally, we offer specialized HR for integrating immigrants services to facilitate the seamless integration of newcomers into the workforce.

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Let Ann help you with this necessary coverage.

Term Life Insurance provides protection for a specific period of time.  Common policy periods are ten years, fifteen years, twenty and thirty years.  The policy does not build up any cash values.  It is an inexpensive way to cover debut – whether a mortgage or business debt.

Universal Life Insurance has a flexible premium, builds cash value at a simple interest rate which grows tax deferred, has the option of a flexible premium.  If you want insurance to last all of your life – until your death that this is a good option.

Whole Life Insurance is the original life insurance.  Permanent insurance which grows in cash value.  While it is the most expensive it also accumulates cash value tax-deferred.  As per Orlando estate planning attorneys, it is often used in Estate Planning.