Taima – Seahawk Mascot & Patient Rights

We are the Champions!

That is Taima, the Seahawk Mascot. Taima is always the first person (?) umm creature out of the tunnel to start the game. Taima has been the team mascot since 2007. His handler, David Knutson of Spokane has 30 years of experience with birds of prey. Taima rode in the airplane with the team, and had his own hotel room in New York.

The Seahawks and Taima

Taima’s trainer and handler David Knutson “It’s just crazy. Seahawks fans are so loud, false starts for other teams are common. However, for one Seahawk, having a false start is not an option. Taima is the official mascot for the Seattle Seahawks, his name means “Thunder.””One hawk and he’s Seattle’s own,” Knutson said.

“He lives here with us in Spokane and we go to all the home games and training camp and some of the other events with the Seahawks. .”Before each game, Taima waits in the tunnel with the players for his cue to fly. “We never know if he’s going to do it, you can’t force him to do it,” Knutson said. “He’s not drugged, he doesn’t have his wings clipped, he could fly away whenever he wants.”

“Fans erupt after Taima makes his debut and anxiously await their chance to meet him in person. Everybody knows his name, everybody wants to get a picture with him, and every year it seems there’s a new picture to take and it seems right now, it’s to kiss the top of his head or the side of his face,” Knutson said.

Falconry is an ancient practice going back to 2000 BC. It was a popular sport among the nobles of medieval Europe. Efforts of the North American Falconers Association to conserve raptors have been successful. The Peregrine Falcon was on the endangered species list in 1970 due to DDT. There are now over 3000 breeding pairs in North America.

We have an amazing mascot for our amazing team. Go Hawks!
Below are two great pictures of the Superbowl fireworks off the Space Needle.

The Space Needle with Fireworks Fireworks by the Space Needle

HHS Strengthens Patients Rights

There was a press release today from the Department of Health and Human Services. As part of their ongoing efforts to empower patients they have taken action to give you direct access to your laboratory results. These new changes allow a patient to obtain their test results directly from the laboratory in addition to obtaining results from your doctor.

Under the HIPPA Privacy Rule patients or their personal representatives can obtain a copy of a patient’s protected health information. It is likely that you will be required to put your request in writing and pay for the costs of copying, mailing, or electronic media such as a flash drive. Copies must be given to the patient within 30 days of her request.

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